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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Sat Jun 10 21:00:06 EDT 2006

For Sale: Radio Books and Literature. All prices plus $2 US Media Mailing unless noted.


RME VHF-152 original manual with photos and schematic. $7


Jacob Millman and Samuel Seely, Electronics, 1941, McGraw-Hill hardback, 700 pages. Good text. $7


Delton Horn, Basic Electronics Theory With Projects and Experiments, Tab hardback, 525 pages. Good. $7. Another copy in paperback, $5.


Robert Buderi, The Invention That Changed The World, Touchstone paperback, 1997, 550+ pages. Incredibly well written story of RADAR and everything that flowed from it, particularly radio astronomy. Technical without requiring a PhD. Entertaining. The binding on this copy is partly falling apart so some sections are loose. $12. If you don’t get this copy, go find another--this is worth your time.


Arthur Poyser, Magnetism and Electricity, 1892, Longmans, Green & Co. hardback, 390 pages. Lots of cover wear and spine coming apart slightly at top. Not fragile and quite readable. $18


Victor Veley, AC/DC Electricity & Electronics Made Easy, Tab hardback, 1981, 300 pages. More math than usual for a Tab book. $7


Henry Miller, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting, 1949, Chemical Publishing hardback, 125 pages. $9


Basic Electricity /  Electronics Volume 3, Sams paperback, 1979 print--1964 copyright, This volume covers “Understanding Tube & Transistor Circuits”. Color-coded schematic diagrams. Good text. $7


Railway Train Dispatching Calling Apparatus, Instructions for Use, western electric, 1949 I think. The first few pages are missing along with the cover. This primarily covers the dispatcher’s selector calling equipment. With photos and schematics. $7


Allied Dictionary of Electronic Terms, 1950, paperback, 65 pages, spine fraying. $2


Ronald Rohrer, Circuit Theory, An Introduction To The State Variable Approach, McGraw-Hill paperback, 1970, 312 pages. $7


Delton Horn, Electronic Components, A Complete Reference For Project Builders, Tab hardback, 1992, 315 pages. No tube coverage. $7


Milton Kaufman and J. Wilson, Basic Electronics Theory and Practice, McGraw-Hill hardback, 1977, 515 pages. Practical approach, very well done. $7


R. L. Dawley, Radio Handbook 11th ed., Editors and Engineers, 1947, 450 page hardback plus catalog in the back. This was the edition where they tried a large 8.5x11 format. Yellowed pages. Cover and spine wear. $15


Joel P. Kleinman, ed., Getting to Know OSCAR From The Ground Up, ARRL paperback, 1977, 45 pages with color OSCARlocator inside back cover. $5


Hewlett Packard 1984 catalog, 700 page hardback. $20. Great reference to a lot of the “modern” test gear that we see at hamfests today. 


Robert M. Brown, 104 Easy Projects For The Electronics Gadgeteer, Tab Hardback, 1970, 155 pages. $5


Allan Lytel, ABCs of Lasers and Masers, Sams paperback, 1965, 128 pages. $5


Bernhard Fischer and Herbert Jacobs, Elements of Mathematics for Radio, TV and Electronics, Macmillan Co. hardback, 1954, 550 pages with answer key. $7


Nelson M. Cooke, Mathematics for Electricians and Radiomen, McGraw-Hill hardback, 1942, 550+ pages. More electronics-specific than the volume above. $7


Richard Fowler, Electricity, Principles and Applications, McGraw-Hill hardback, large format, 1979, color pages. Good practical text. $7


James A. Cox, A Century of Light, The General Electric History of Light, hardback with dust jacket, 1978, 222 pages, large format. Great pictures. Super coverage of early Edison through modern fluorescent lighting. Talks about how marketing of lighting evolved. A very good book covering a history that we mostly take for granted. $10


Richard Johnson, How To Use Signal and Sweep Generators, Rider paperback, 1953, 135 pages. $7 each--2 copies available. 


Thordarson Transmitter Manual. This one is missing the cover and page 2. So I’m not sure which one it is. It’s in that 344-x or 345-x series that Thordarson published in the 1939 period.  Starts with a 20W TX project using a single 6L6 and finishes with a KW rig in 2 19-inch racks using T-200, 45 and 822 tubes among many others. With catalog section. 42 pages. $4


Arthur Lynch, Practical Ham Antenna Design, promotional brochure for Lynch Antenna Products, 1935 vintage, with a testimonial letter from Stromberg Carlson. $3


Practical Training Manual, Volume 1--Television Series, Sams comb-bound, 1955, large format, Detailed text with fill-in-the-blanks courseware. $5


Robert Schrader, Electronic Communication, McGraw-Hill hardback, 1967, 700 pages. This was designed as an intensive study text for FCC Amateur and commercial licensing. Good illustrations go with comprehensive text. $7


Commander Charles Lamb, To War In A Stringbag, Nelson Doubleday hardback with dust jacket, 1977, 360 pages. One of the best first-person WWII books I have read. This covers a Swordfish pilot’s experiences during WWII including the attack on Taranto, sinking of the carrier Couageous, Greece and Malta, among other adventures. Nicely detailed and personably written. $10


Margaret Cheney, Tesla, Man Out Of Time, Dell paperback, 1981. Modern Tesla biography. I haven't read this one. $5


Hallicrafters Short Wave Time Selector. 1949. This is a circular cardboard “slide rule” that lets you pick a time in any city and shows you the time in other cities all over the world including UTC. Not bad condition. $5


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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