[AMRadio] Sellers and Buyers on this list...READ THIS

Brian Sherrod ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 11:50:01 EDT 2006

On various threads about including previous text I have tried to make
the following clear, but it seems that I have not been able to get my
point across.

First of all; I do not mind people posting for sale ads on the list so
long as they are items that are somewhat related to the items needed
by a lot of BA owners, builders, etc.

The problem is as follows:

Sellers are required to post at the TOP of your list of items for sale
that the buyer reply to you directly.  Do so in capital letters...  I
have asked sellers to do this at least three times in the past three
or four months.  From this point forward, you will have a three
strike, and you're out policy on your membership.

Same goes for buyers.  There is absolutely NO reason to post your
desire to buy something, along with the entire list the seller posted
in the original message back to the 500 or so members of this list!
The rest of us don't need to see the list again, not to mention what
YOU want to buy!  Three strikes and you're out too...

Sorry it has to come to this, however I've tried several times to
convey this rule without being a total AH, and it hasn't worked.  If
you missed it, look in the archives.

Let's make this happen!


"There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." -- Frank Lloyd Wright

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