[AMRadio] FS: FB-7, Signal Shifter, GR 1606A, BA Miscellany

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Sun Jun 11 14:09:22 EDT 2006

For Sale: All prices plus actual shipping cost. 



Ham conversion of military VHF receiver from SCR-522 (BC-624 or BC-625, I forget which). This has a black wrinkle masonite front panel with speaker and a place for the dial (which is missing). On the back, two small power supplies have been bolted on for AC operation. Most tubes are present, though it may be missing one or two. No cabinet. Unetsted and as-is. $10


Cornell-Dubilier BN type capacitor bridge with tuning eye. This was designed to match the capacitor and decade resistor boxes with an identical look and small form factor--maybe 6 inches by 4 inches by 3.5 inches high. Line cord is crumbling and needs replaced. Very cute. With manual copy. $18


General Radio RF Bridge 1606-A. Measures resistance and reactance from 400kc through 60 mc. Requires external RF generator and detector.  With original manual and test lead set in pouch (though all the test leads and adapters may not be original or may not be present--I have no way to tell). Untested. Nice shape. $99


National FB-7 receiver with 20M and 40M coils and well-made homebrew power supply. Nice original condition. Working pretty well. $335


Meissner Signal Shifter. This is the original design with the 3 plug-in coils. This one has a very pretty front panel that I have not seen on a Signal Shifter before. It’s light gray with black at the bottom and chrome dial bezel. The controls are nicely silk-screened. It’s definitely original and the nicest looking early Signal Shifter I have ever seen. I think this has the original coils for all bands 80-40-20-10 meters plus some SW frequencies. Many of the coils are in the original Meissner orange boxes. Works but drifts (Signal Drifter?). $259


Lafayette MP-1004 PTT hand mic, 500 ohms, dynamic, gray plastic with 5-pin DIN plug on coiled cord. $5


Un-labeled black plastic hand mic with 4-pin “modern” mic connector on coiled cord. Volume slider on top marked LO---HI. $5


Kraco black plastic hand mic with 4-pin “modern” mic connector on coiled cord. $5


Small box of mostly NOS Amphenol-style military connectors and parts, maybe 20-30 pieces in all. Mostly olive green. Example: WEQ/A 96/41  LMJ 20-29S. $12/box


Collection of COAX adapters and filters, mostly strange silver-plated military gooodies. Includes CRV-53232, a 6 inch long cylinder with n connectors at both ends, CU-152/URM-3 small silver box with N connectors on both ends, EMCO F-100S LP Filter 1218mc with BNC-style connectors on both ends, Microlab LP filter LA-375 3600mc with male-female N connectors, Sperry microwave Model 33B3-1Barretter Mount, with N on one end and BNC on the other, and CPH UC-57B/U N to N male barrel connector. $10/all


Small box of early solid state parts, mostly transistors and diodes, most in original sealed packaging. There’s a couple in the early mtachbook packaging, some GE-11 types, some point-contact stuff, etc. $10/box


Heathkit solid state portable AM broadcast radio. I can’t finmd a label on this. Uses plug-in transistors. It’s triangular shaped and in a leather case. One knob is supposed to come out of each side (though the tuning knob is missing). Was supposed to have a leather handle on top but that is broken and gone. Altogether pretty beat-up. $8


A pair of pre-war Japanese power tubes UY-511B made by Mazda Japan in Showa 14--August, 1939. Large 803-style 5-pin ceramic bases and top cap with screw-on connector. Complex interior like a beam-power pentode. Beautiful tubes. Any information appreciated. Best Offer.


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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