[AMRadio] Reply preferences rant

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 12 01:21:47 EDT 2006

I don't see any problem with the way it is set right now.  My "Reply all" 
button is right next to my "Reply" button, so I find it a matter of choice.

If it's something I think would be of interest to the whole group, I will 
send my reply to the list.  But if I think it is more of a private or 
personal message, I reply to the originator only.

I do believe it is common courtesy to delete the sender's address when you 
use the "Reply all" button to avoid sending duplicate messages.

The Topband Reflector goes so far as to discourage any use of replying to 
the list.  They prefer that you make all your replies to the sender, then 
the original sender will post a summary of replies.  That cuts way down on 
message volume, but it is a lot of extra trouble, and I suspect many of the 
summaries are omitted, and many worthwhile replies are missed by list 
members.  I usually just reply to the list if I think it is something of 
interest to everyone, and so far have never been yelled at for doing it.

Don k4kyv

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