[AMRadio] How the reply button works

Dino Darling dino at k6rix.com
Mon Jun 12 01:37:59 EDT 2006

Because it was decided to temporarily switch the list "reply to 
sender", I used my e-mail program to "reply all" in order for this to 
get to the AMRADIO list.  This temporary change was actually a 
mistake as this reply not only goes to the list, but to 4 others also.

It is also clear that a few on here still don't understand how group 
lists and e-mails work.

First of all, this is a DISCUSSION list.  Someone posts a question or 
comment, everyone reads it (if they want to; I know I don't read them 
all), and then the replies to the original post is sent out to 
everyone interested in the discussion...as it should be.

Every once in a while (unless you are Brian Carling) someone will 
post a for sale message to the group.  If you are interested, take 
the extra second to send a private reply.  If this is a difficult 
concept to understand, then don't respond to "for sale" messages or 
send an e-mail to...
mailto:amradio-request at mailman.qth.net?subject=unsubscribe

If you know how to properly load up a BA, you should be able to reply 
to a simple e-mail!

Keep the replies to the LIST!  If someone has a problem with sending 
replies to the "for sale" messages, put them on MODERATED status.  If 
you need help moderating the group, set up a few moderators!  Albeit, 
this QTH.NET list is not a robust as a YahooGroup list when it comes 
to moderators.

I own a few lists, including a few on QTH.NET.  Its not difficult to 
moderate these lists.

Since I have the mic, you should post your replies to the TOP of your 
reply.  I've already read the other messages and don't need to scroll 
through 100 lines in order to read your, "I agree" post!  Also, learn 
how to edit your posts and edit the subject line if you intend to 
hijack a thread!

Now, if this was a BROADCAST or NEWS list, then that would be a 
different matter and replies should hit the bit bucket instead of the 
list or sender.

Again, this is a DISCUSSION list.  It wasn't broken and it's too bad 
it got changed...if only for a short time.

With all that being said, a HUGE Thank You to the list owner for this 
list!  I KNOW what it takes to manage a list!  I appreciate this list 
and got my DX-100 due to a "for sale" message on here!

Brian, I don't have a problem with the amount of FOR SALE items you 
post on here and other places, but you have to admit, it has all the 
signs of a side business!  :-)

Dino - K6RIX
dino at k6rix.com 

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