[AMRadio] reply button

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 04:51:21 EDT 2006

No preference here, Brian on reply-all or reply-to.

I take this list in "digest" form, which means I
already have to change the subject line to respond, or
else you will get something like this as the header of
my reply:

AMRadio Digest, Vol 29, Issue 27

So as long as I'm up there in the fields, it prompts
me to check whether I want to address the group or the

A little bit of forethought, and it's not an issue for
me either way.

In passing, I'll note that the digest form aggravates
the redundancy of using previous text because I get to
see it in that single mailout. Probably why I'm not so
keen on including in my response more than a
paraphrased reference to the material.

BCNU, Paul

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