[AMRadio] Mail Client differences

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Mon Jun 12 11:58:21 EDT 2006

   Although certainly a minority, there are those who do not use OutHouse 
Mail or it's clones and/or analogs.  So please don't expect *everyone* to 
have nice "Reply To" and "Reply To All" keys like you might.

   Speaking strictly for me, I use good ol' Pine under a Unix shell 
account, thus I'm constrained to reading text in ASCII mode, and I can see 
whatever a VT100 would have been capable of displaying, and thus it's user 
interface, as well.  I have one 'reply' button: the 'R' key. So I 
regularly edit the TO: fields, and snip the excess text when replying to 
traffic on this List.

   Also, I must separately save and download via FTP, any attachments for 
viewing by more modern programs - Pine don't know from .jpgs or .pdfs.

   "Cromagnon Computing.." you might think.  It's the same as when that 
Russian Colonel flew his Mig into Heathrow and defected. We all sneered at 
the use of extensive vacuum tubes in a 'modern' fighter plane, until the 
Russians said "Da, is old technology, very certain. But, after nuclear 
blast and EMP - whose planes do you think will still be flyable?"  That 
shut a bunch of guys up...  ;}

   So my ancient email client is uttery immune to any virus or spyware, 
because it's 7-bit, has no OutHouse Contact List, no Micro$hit Address 
List...   That's why I like it, Old Skool and all..

   ObAmRadio: In the middle of a nice QSO Saturday evening, my beloved old 
Valiant woofed up something in it's tank circuit and died.  I assume one 
of the new capacitors in the 160/80 portion has failed - the other bands 
tune and load as normal. So - another trip to the bench for the Old 
Girl...  the Joys and Tears of Boatanchor Hamdom.  ;}


John  KB6SCO
Carson City  DM09fg
Valiant / Ranger / Elmac AF-67
R390 / R390A / R388

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