[AMRadio] Re: upside down reply buttons, sending to whom,

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Tue Jun 13 00:21:54 EDT 2006

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> John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wrote:
> >This is almost like discussing politics on the air. HIHI
> >But I will make a comment here any way.
> >
> >Dino and Geoff
> >
> [much deleted]
> >Brian
> >
> [... again...]
> John, your comments didn't go unread by me... but the way the list is
> set up now, I'm fairly certain that only *I* got your reply.
> This is what the major crux of the problem is.  Most people, when on a
> list, just hit 'reply', and go.  When the list is setup the way it USED
> to be, the reply would go to the list.  That's the way a Discussion list
> is SUPPOSED to be.. so folks can DISCUSS (in my not so humble opinion).
> When you only reply to the sender, who has put something on the list,
> then everyone else on the list suffers if someone only replies to the
> sender, because the rest of the list can not benifit from the wisdom and
> knowledge of someone's reply to a question.
> It is for that reason, above most all others, that I say leave the reply
> option in the list software, as a reply-to-list function.  If you -need-
> to reply to an individual, then click 'reply to all' and that will THEN
> include the original sender (as well as the list), and then it's a
> simple matter of removing the discussion list address, so that the reply
> only goes to the individual, instead of the whole list.  


The problem is, it does not work that way! The way it was set up before,
hitting "reply" or "reply to all" did exactly the same thing! They would
both reply ONLY to the list. Neither would list the sender if you wanted to
reply only to him.

The way it is now you have a choice.

Gary  K4FMX

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