[AMRadio] looking for HRO tuning knob

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed Jun 14 10:45:24 EDT 2006

The problem removing some of these dials was written up by Bill Fizette in his Radio Receiver column of the AWA OTB about 10 years ago. I don't recall the exact issue. But that guy was obsessed with the PW dial and wrote many articles about it in the OTB. One of them covered how he removed a problem dial.

Are the setscrews out? Will they come out? Assuming the are out, here's my suggestions:

1st desperate measure: Put the radio on its face, work out some way to keep the shaft and dial bushing soaking in loosener fluid for a couple days. Then try removal. Use a wooden mallet on the knob and whack it forward a millimeter or two before attempting removal.

2: If you have a meat freezer that isn't full, put the whole radio in the freezer for 3-4 days until frozen solid. Remove from freezer and try to remove the dial before the radio can thaw.

3. Use a dremel tool to cut off the bakelite knob (these are easily findable--I can provide one if you don't have one). NOW put the radio in your freezer, freeze it for 3-4 days, remove from freezer, use biggest soldering iron or irons available to quickly heat the metal dial bushing (you can work through the 3 holes in the dial or at the front of the dial). Now try removal.

4. Variation on (3): If you use a dremel tool to cut off the bakelite knob, you might be able to rig a gear-puller type arrangement using the 3 holes in the dial. This may be fruitless since any significant force would probably distort the dial so badly that it would be unusable. But it might also work.

5. Destroy the dial--cut the whole thing off with a dremel tool. Sell it on eBay as genuine WWII radio dial shot through during air battle with the Red Baron. Make a fortune.

I hate removing stuck dials. 
Good luck.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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   I have a real stickler here.
   On the bench is an HRO senior in need of restoration.

   It is all there but everything needs to at least cleaned and I'm sure every
paper cap needs to be replaced.

   The problem is that the main tuning knob cannot be removed. It is firmly
stuck to the shaft.

   It looks like an ugly and destructive dissection of the tuning knob is in

   So if you have a black HRO tuning knob surplus to your needs, drop me a line
with how much you want for it.

  de KA4JVY


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