[AMRadio] Re: upside down reply buttons, sending to whom,

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jun 14 11:29:42 EDT 2006

>> Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
I belong to
> other lists where many folks reply in private because they don't want
> to deal with the New Age experts who pick apart everything they say or
> insist that a duck be called a non-goose. Many good people want to
> help, they just don't want to deal with the list BS as a consequence.
> And I wouldn't post advice in private not only because I agree with
> you that the purpose of the list is to share, but also because my
> advice (like spelling) always benefits from more views and
> critiques/corrections.

Thanks for pointing this out Todd.  Many times I send the message privately 
for just this reason.  I have suggested solutions to queries to have 4 or 5 
people tell everyone why I am wrong for not doing it their way.  I don't 
wear my pride on my sleeve, but enough is enough and I have seen threads go 
on and on about trivial such as etiquette or form far too long.
I sometimes get in a hurry because of other chores and my grammar, spelling 
or description of a circuit is off as well.  I find, that in private 
communications, the person will just ask for clarification and not be 
critical my poor choice of words.

I don't always follow the same format for posting either.  One thing some do 
is edit their answers between comments forcing me to read the already read 
message parts again.  I, personally, don't like that, but if the list 
administrator dictates that we do it, I will.  I also don't always follow 
the message parts with my comments preferring sometimes to preface them.

Should each list, of which I am a member, develop slightly different 
protocols, then I will resign from most of them, for I am destined to make 
irretrievable mistakes.  I have already resigned from one list that the 
administrator told me not to even mention eBay but use e-place (now isn't 
that a stupid way to mention the unmentionable); that the rules so stated. 
Following a search of the rules, that I had not viewed in a very long time, 
I didn't find such a rule.  So to avoid a confrontation, I just resigned.

I suggest that since the entire USA is so centered on Political Correctness, 
we should adopt some of it here and be polite to each other and our 
different understandings or interpretations of the operation and restoration 
of boatanchors and AM Radio..

73  Jim

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