[AMRadio] FS: 1930's SWL QSLs

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Jun 15 10:29:00 EDT 2006

I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the QSL card collection of a local 1930's SWL named Samuel Solito. He lived near Pittsburgh and was an avid SW listener who QSLed ham and broadcast stations all over the globe, plus more than a few of local interest. There are many duplicates in the collection and I am offering those for sale. This set is an impressive group of 1930's wallpaper. I'd like $70 for this set including insured mailing. This set includes:

W8XK, 12/7/35	One of the early Westinghouse broadcasters
VK2ME, 1/22/35 The Voice of Australia, AWA photo card
VK3ME, 5/12/35 Another AWA station 5KW
YV5RMO, 2/1/35 Maracibo, Venezuela, in Spanish
YV3RC, 11/25/35 Caracas Venezuela
YV6RV, 6/8/35 Valencia, Venezuela
RIKISUTVARPID, Reykjavik, Iceland 3 photos of station, undated but postmarked
Radio Suisse, S. A., 9/19/35 Geneva Switzerland
PCJ, Phillips Radio Laboratories, 10/29/36 Eindhoven Holland photo card
YNLF, 6/30/36 La Voz De Nicaragua
Du SERVICE De La T. S. F., May, 1934 I think, letter format with illustration, Administration Francaise, Paris
CT1AA, 4/4/35 Lison Portugal 5 photos on card
EAQ, 12/11/34 Madrid, Spain
W1XAL, undated postmarked 8/14/35 University Club, Boston Mass. World Wide Broadcasting Corporation
W3XAU, postmarked 1/2/35 Photo of transmitter
WCAU, Philadelphia, 12/28/36 Photo of station building 
W9XAA, 11/27/34 The Short Wave Voice of Labor and Farmer, Chicago
W3XAL, 4/6/35 NBC Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
W4XB, 10/30/35 Collins Island, Miami Beach
W9XF, 11/14/35 NBC Chicago
XETF, 12/19/35 La Voz De Veracruz, Mexico
W2XAF, 11/4/35 G.E. Schenectady, NY World map on front, TX photo on back
HC2JSB, 12/18/36 Guayaquil, Ecuador color card, in Spanish
HCJB, 5/2/35 Quito, Ecuador La Voz De Los Andes 
HC2RL, 12/15/36 Guayaquil, Ecuador Photo of station entrance with tattered envelope
XEB/XEBT, 12/12/35, mexico

plus one of Sam's SWL cards, not completed

Some of these have nice cancelled stamps on them from the country of origin.
$70 for all including mailing.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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