[AMRadio] Vacuum Tube Digital Clock

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Jun 16 12:19:15 EDT 2006

  Check this out:

www.cathodecorner.com   and click on the picture of the CRT unit (in the 
Plexiglass case).

    A CRT, vector-display clock.  The 'guts' are solid-state, but the 
display is cool - plus the contruction time is quite a bit less.
The Nixie Wristwatch is also fairly cool.

   Also: the previous link to the all-tube nixie clock is most certainly a 
tour-de-force - where do folks get that kind of time? If you read even a 
little German, it's better to view to the original site... Google mangled 
it up worse than Babblefish....

    ObAmRadio:  I have an RCA BTA-1R1 1KW BC Transmitter on the way in. 
Currently I run ladder-line from an Ameritron ATR-15 tuner, out to a 450' 
horizontal loop running around my fence-tops. I'm thinking that I'll 
change that scheme to suitable coax from the rig(s) out to a dedicated, 
remote-operated, wide-range balanced tuner connected directly at the loop 
feed-point.  Probably use a hard-line-coax balun right at the tuner.  I'm 
thinking that if I can fabricate a tuner that will tune the common HF band 
(160M - 10M)from say, 40 to 5000 ohms and handle 1.5 or 2 KW, that might 
be a fun project.

   Any opinions, thougts, experiences, etc?


John  KB6SCO
Valiant Ranger AF-67
R390 R390A R388

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