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From: Bob Bruhns <bbruhns at erols.com>

snip <Ferrite is useful up to the megahertz range, and
some ferrites are even useful to UHF and beyond.>

  My old Tandberg portable radio uses the ferrite up to 5 mhz then the 
telescoping vert. above that.
   Having a directional antenna for 75  mtrs is real nice unless there's 
a noise source in the same direction as the desired signal and for 
directionally different QSOs the radio must be turned to match up with 
the incoming direction. IE, 90 degrees to copy Ohio and MD in 
I have often thought that a large remotely rotatable ferrite based loop 
on the roof or attic would be real nice for those "difficult" times.

_Bill KB3DKS/1
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