[AMRadio] Amphenol Coil Forms Wanted

W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Fri Jun 16 14:30:44 EDT 2006

Hi Scott - 

Below is an email from Larry Baker, WB5OFD. 

He makes reproductions of those coil forms.


Mark W1EOF


These forms are modeled after the American Phenolic Company 
(APC) Polystyrene coil form Catalog No. 24-5P which was used 
by Ameco for their AC-1 transmitter and also for the Allied Knight 
Ocean Hopper receiver.  My forms are hand made using 1/8 inch 
wall thickness Polycarbonate hollow tubing and have the 
standard five pin base pattern using  nickel plated pins. There 
are three pieces to each assembly; Base pin disc, Coil form 
body and the Collar.   Polycarbonate liquid cement is used to 
assemble the component pieces together.

Each form is approximately 1-1/4 inches in diameter and 2-1/4 
inches in height not including the height of the base pins. There 
is a 1-1/2 inch collar at the top of each form to assist in inserting 
and extracting the coil from its socket without disturbing the wire 
coil itself.  The forms are not predrilled for the entrance/exit of the 
coil winding.

Should you wish to purchase these forms please keep the 
following in mind:

     1.  Polycarbonate is easily scuffed or scratched.  (*Note: but 
no more so than the original AMECO forms)
     2.  There will be slight (thousandth's of an inch) variation in 
each coil.  It would take    an inordinate amount of time and 
waste of material to produce a large number of these    forms 
exactly the same since they are individually HANDMADE.  

     3.  Due to sizing tolerances of the inside and outside 
diameters in the Polycarbonate tubing, as a result of the Tubing 
Manufacture's process, it is not always possible to obtain a 
snug fit of  the collar at the top of the coil form.  Because of this, a 
small air gap may exist and the cemented joint can assume a 
milky colored look to it; however, it still a strong joint.  

     4.  During final assembly I mix and match component pieces 
to minimize this effect and also take as much care as I can to 
prevent cosmetic blemishes.

If you wish to place an order please Email me at:  
wb5ofd at wcc.net

Pricing per form is $10.00 each plus Shipping and Handling for 
orders of four forms or less.  For orders of five or more forms, 
pricing remains $10.00 each; However, I will pay the handling 
and shipping cost which will be by U.S. Postal Priority Mail.

Thank you for your consideration.

73 Larry Baker

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