[AMRadio] FS: BK, Wavetek, Key Stuff, RBA/B/C Power Supply

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Sun Jun 18 11:21:52 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Test Gear, Key Junk and Miscellany. All Prices plus shipping cost.




BK Precision Model 1471B dual-trace 10Mhz oscilloscope. 5inch round CRT with square bezel. Modern solid-state ‘scope in good working order. Has square wave calibrator, external trigger and the usual features. With one originl BK probe kit and one Elenco 10Mhz probe kit. Also includes the original manual. Dirty--will need some cleaning. $39


Ramsey D-2100 digital multi-meter. Typical 3.5 digit DMM with ACV, DCV, DcmA and Ohms ranges. This also has a transistor hfe tester built into it. Overload protection. Tan plastic case. With test leads, original manual and new 9V battery. Working fine. $15


Wavetek Model 111 Voltage Controlled Generator. Typical function generator with sync and multiple waveforms, etc. 0-1mc. Working fine but the power-on LED does not work. The manual for this is on bama. $40


Key junkbox. This is a collection of keys and key parts. There’s maybe 5 or 6 keys that are just about all missing something--a knob here, a knurled nut there, the spring is gone from most of them. There’s also one key with no lever and one lever with no key (they don’t match--the lever is cheap junk). Other than the unmatched lever, this is all name-brand stuff--AT&T, Western Union, Signal Electric and Bunnell are all represented in this pile. One more thing--there’s also a small bakelite or plastic chassis engraved “T.R.McElroy’s Audio Oscillator Boston, Mass, U.S.A. 115Volts AC or DC”. It has octal sockets for 2 tubes--both missing--but the sockets are labeled 6C5. There’s another big octal-size hole front and center from which something has been removed. 3 sets of connections on the bottom front are OUTPUT, PHONES (pin jacks) and KEY (terminal screws). A 3-position switch selects 600~, 800~ and 1000~. The AC line cord has been cut off and the bottom cover is missing. There is also a 1/4 inch phone jack with a crack next to it on the left side that I suspect is not original. Anyway, I’d like $50 for the whole pile of keys and this thing,  plus $8 US flat rate box priority mailing.


US Navy CRV-20130 Rectifier Power Unit (power supply) for the RBA/RBB/RBC receivers. Gray s/n 1505 with a 1941 contract date. Can run two receivers. Has original connectors for the receivers and for the AC connection. Note that this does not include the cables to connect the supply to the receivers-I don't have any of those. Looks very good-some paint scrapes. All original. Untested. As-is. $119


Two ERLA 1920’s-vintage NOS items. One is a Reflex-2 Radio Frequency Transformer. The tag says 200-700 meters. The other is an ERLA Fixed Crystal Rectifier which was basically designed to replace a cats’ whisker in a crystal set. Both are NOSB. $10/both


Command set radio coils. This group of coils was removed from either ARC-5 or SCR-274N receivers. There’s two 6234 6-9.1 mc coils that have 3 plug-in coils on one aluminum bracket. There’s also the following IF coils: 2-7277, 2-7278, 1-7279, 1-9693, 1-9697 and 1-9699. These all have the little knobs on top. Use as parts for restoration. $10/all. 


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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