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I can't help you with the restoration....  as far as custom mixing of 
paint, most quality stores will use a "meter' to get the exact color 
of the object to be painted....  no extra charge   <<? 
photospectrometer maybe??>>     klc
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> I just acquired a Heathkit DX-100 for repair/restoration for 
> personal use and am looking for a few resources. I need a red knob 
> for the 6146 grid drive. There is also a piece of the VFO dial 
> broken out. If I can't find a replacement it is not a big deal 
> because the rest of the dial is in decent condition, but if I had 
> a better one I would use it. The face plate of this radio is also 
> only in fair condition. Has anyone come across a source for 
> replacements like I've seen on eBay for SB-200's and HW-16's? 
> Lastly, without going to the paint store for custom mixing has 
> anyone picked up the two shades of grey paint for the cabinet? 
> Again, if not it is not a big deal. I'm sure these grey colors 
> should be fairly easy to match or come close to.
> I'm looking for comments also on the antenna loading circuit. The 
> original coarse/fine arrangement has been replaced with a 3 
> section variable that measures 1100 pf to 2920 pf using my ECG 
> Capacitance meter. The DX-100 article in the June ER Magazine 
> makes reference to Heath's modification using a 3 section variable 
> totaling about 1200 pf. The original circuit switched in 200, 400, 
> 600, or 800 pf and then used a 250 pf variable allowing matching 
> of 50-600 ohms. Since I will be using unbalanced (coax) does this 
> value seem appropriate and what might I expect? 
> This transmitter also has been modified for use with a SB-10. The 
> modification is done nicely with the 0B2 tubes mounted underneath 
> and a rotary switch on the front panel on the right side providing 
> a geometric balance to the meter switch. The only negative to this 
> mod is the way holes were hacked in the rear cabinet screen 
> material for the SO-239's.
> I thing it is well worth the $49 I paid on eBay. The seller lives 
> near my brother who picked it up and met me at a family 
> anniversary party this weekend saving shipping charges. 
> 73,
> Tom K3TVC
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