[AMRadio] Apache and halicrafters

steveve2swc at aol.com steveve2swc at aol.com
Tue Jun 20 08:03:31 EDT 2006

Someone I met at one of the hamfests mentioned that he had I believe 4  
Apaches in various stages of modification. Alas no reply to e-mails will induce  
him to part with one of these rigs. 
I really would like, no stike that, I need an Apache at a reasonable  rate ( 
not dentist fee rates).I am also looking for knobs for a Halicrafters  s-38 
any help would be appreciated.Saw a dx-100 for sale at the heathkit virtual  
museum sight for sale with a mated Mohawk rec going for $ 400 total. looking for  
a west coast buyer ( otherwise the seller mentioned it would be an extra $100 
 for shipping). Good to know there's a fair amount of boatanchors still  

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