[AMRadio] boat anchors heathkit etc

steveve2swc at aol.com steveve2swc at aol.com
Wed Jun 21 07:46:01 EDT 2006

Yes, I think you're right on about finding amateur related gear at hamfests  
and places other than e-bay or other places on line. A friend mentioned seeing 
 an older rig for $100 at a local pawn shop but there is no telling weather 
it  works or that it ever did work. I got a qrp rig and an antenna tuner 
together  for $20. It is harder for a ham to sell you faulty gear when you've met 
them  face to face rather than the anonamous e-bay route. Hams here in Quebec 
tend to  sell their stuff a might higher in price than Ontario and elsewhere. 
I've seen  Ft 101, Swan rigs, and 25year old solid state rigs selling at 2/3  
their new price. Stuff that was considered ok but not real classics. Though  
some of the sale and bought prices are based more on emotion than reasoned  
buying. Thanks for the reply ka2kaq, I appreciate it.73, Steve  ve2swc

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