[AMRadio] FS: Mostly Military Surplus, Seneca, J-38, DM-28, TG-34-A

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Jun 23 15:29:51 EDT 2006

For Sale: Mostly Military Surplus Boatanchors. All prices plus shipping unless noted.


J-38 keys. In good shape all around, though a bit dirty. $14 each plus $8 FRB priority mailing. Two available.

DM-28 dynamotors. I think these are the ones from the BC-342 receiver. They have the thin aluminum box on the bottom with a terminal strip at one end and 4 captive mounting screws. Some rust and flaking paint on these. $17 each plus $8 FRB priority mailing.

Military WWII Signal Corps TG-34-A Keyer. Small paper tape reader in olive drab case that was used for mobile code practice. It reads an inked paper tape (unlike the Instructographs which read punched paper tapes). This one looks very good inside and out. It has one spool of tape with it, line cord and original manual dated 1943. $29

Military WWII T-23/ARC-5 VHF transmitter. Aluminum dirty with minor pitting. Should clean up to excellent original condition. $99

Military WWII R-28/ARC-5 VHF receiver. No covers-otherwise intact and original. $40

Heathkit Seneca VHF TX. All original and in nice shape. But this will need a major Gojo bath to get off all the nicotine. $60

Military WWII-era AS-313B/ARN-6 DF Loop in glass bell housing for the ARN-6 Radio Compass. Related to ARD-1. 28 VDC.  See SCR-269--TM 11-5125. Excellent condition. $189

Military WWII-era T-147/APT-9 Radar Jammer  200-2400 MC, 25-50 W, 2C39 Lighthouse tube. 1945. Dirty with some paint flaking. But appears complete and original. $169

Military post-war AN/ALQ-10 (XA-5)(M) Unit 3 Repeater Amp. Part of 1950's electronic counter-measures system with radar detector and jammer. This one has flaking and deteriorated paint. Also someone has been inside it removing parts, though it looks okay on the outside. These are rare. Please inquire.

Military WWII-era APR-4 panoramic radio receiver with 2 T-17 tuning units covering 74-320mc and one T-16 TU covering 38-95 mc. Dirty with some paint flaking. Some knobs do not look original so this may be ham-modified. These were very common WWII surplus. $79

Military Receiver-Transmitter, RT-18/ARC-1. Transceiver covering 100-156mc from the late WWII or early post-war era. Uses CR-1 crystals on 10 crystal-controlled channels. It uses a Collins mechanical autotune to tune the set across the 10 crystal controlled channels. The radio has an IF of 9.72 MHz, and uses the same crystal for transmit (mixed with a 9.72 MHz crystal oscillator) and receive. The radio provides a guard channel anywhere in the range (crystal controlled). The radio uses a dynamotor, DY-9B, to provide all necessary power. It requires 28 VDC @ 7 A receive, 10 A transmit and 15 A while autotune operates. Tube lineup: 18 ea 6AK5, 6 ea 6J6, 12SL7, 2 ea 12A6, 2 ea 6C4, 2 ea 6V6GT, 2 ea 832A. Made by Western Electric. The manual is AN 16-30ARC1-7, 1 dated May 46 (manual not included). Weighs 40 pounds or so and measures 9-1/32 x 10-7/8 x 24-3/4. 10 watts out. This one has a mangled front covers and other front panel problems. There is no case and some tubes have been removed. $89

CANK-23429 remote control unit. This is a military-green bulkhead-mount TX/RX radio panel with 3 weather-rproofed switches and weatherproofed sockets for plugging in headphones and mic. Excellent condition. Don't know what this was used with. $10 plus $8 FRB priority mailing. 6 available.

Dumont 303-A Oscilloscope. All original and all there. Covered with nicotine. Big and heavy. Untested and as-is. Repeat: Heavy-expect a big shipping cost. $10

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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