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John Flood kb1fqg at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 14:34:29 EDT 2006


I had about 15 QSO's from the Field Day site in Hancock NH ranging from ME to PA. Two of the contacts were from guys who were past club members in the mid '50's. I was getting wonderful audio reports about my Viking Valiant thanks to the kind work of Steve WA1HUD (now if I could only get him to document what he did....). The 1967 EAC contract R390A seemed to enjoy the trip and was working like a champ even as I tuned other bands not one bit of "junk" from the nearby transmitters. This was a laid back part of the Waltham (MA) Armature Radio Club field day. We treated the "Classic Station" as our GOTA setup. I was the main operator. In other words they couldn't pull me away from the chair! Not a lot of visitors due to our remote location but a young boy from a neighbors house spent time in our tent and commented on how much better my setup sounded than the 40M SSB station behind me! Yes there is still hope for the youngins' A load of thanks to everyone I worked and the warm
 greeting I got for my first time on '75AM still has me smiling today. After listening to the AM crowd since 1967, (skipping a bit of time here and there when I was distracted by beer and girls....now its single malt and women) I told myself that when I made my first visit to '75 it would be with a respectable setup, determined not to be "yelloweee". The other stations at our setup may have had a lot more contacts but I had the most fun.... until now as I look at the prospect of getting the gear back in the racks up on the second floor....ouch... I'll keep listening and hope to be transmitting from home soon. Until then, I'm still dangerous below 50MHz. 

John Flood 
KB1FQG (N1HID for the past weekend) 

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