[AMRadio] FS: Tube, Boatanchor and Vintage Computer Literature,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jun 27 20:45:14 EDT 2006

FS: Boatanchor, Tube and Vintage Computer Literature. All prices plus $2 USPS Media Mailing unless otherwise noted.


1960 Dayton Hamvention Program in perfect shape. W6SAI was the dinner speaker. 9th Annual Dayton Hamvention. Excellent. $8


Hickok 539B original brochure, 11x17 fold-open. B&W. Nice. $9


RCA Special Red Tubes Brochure. About 8 pages, with charts for 5691, 5692 and 5693 tubes. 1948. $9. Also, I have a small group of NOS special red 5692 (6SN7) tubes available in JAN boxes. Please inquire.


RCA Power and Gas Tubes, 1949. 20-page large-format guide. $9


RCA Kinescopes Guide, 1951. 20-page large format. $9


RCA Phototubes, Cathode Ray and Special Tubes, 1950, 20 page large-format guide. $7


RCA 1EP1, 1EP2, 1EP11 Oscillograph Tubes, large format date sheet, 1956. $5


RCA Interchangeability Directory Of Non-Receiving Electron Tubes, 20 pages, 1950. $5


RCA Receiving Tubes, Characteristics and Socket Connections, 1950, 25 pages. $7


RCA Transmitting Tubes Manual TT-4, 1956, faded cover, spine has paint spotches, year and rubber stamp marks on cover. $7


RCA Transmitting Tubes Manual TT-5, 1962. Has incorrect year written on front cover (1972), spine faded, otherrwise gorgeous. $10


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-18, 1956, spine taped and faded. $7


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-21, 1961, spine faded, cover has tape on it with writing. $8


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-23, 1964, spine faded, very nice. $10


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-24, 1965, spine faded, very nice. $10


RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-28, 1972, nice. Year written on front cover, spine faded. $10


RCA Pocket Reference Books, 1957 and 1961. Both dirty and slightly faded. $5 each.


Westinghouse Ready Guide, 1956 Receiving Tube Guide, 45 pages, alreg format. $7


Raytheon Industrial Tubes Characteristics. 20-page large format guide. 1954. Nice. $9


ARINC Research Corporation, Application Notes For Military Receiving Tubes, Supplement To MIL-HBK 211, June 30, 1959. “…goes beyond the handbook in dealing with various application problems which are commonly encountered in complex equipments.” Discusses circuit design and application data with an empahsis on reliability. 225 pages, comb-bound. Covers 6V miniature tubes and 5000-6000-series JAN tubes with charts and tables for each tube type. Amazing reference. $27


Military TM 11-2627 Tube Tester I-177 original manual with changes 1 and 2, dated August 1944, edge of spine has silver paint on it. $14


National Brochure “Three New From National”, Undated but about 1960, 11x17 fold-open, 2-color, covers NC-66, NC-188 and NC-109. Nice. $8


Hammarlund HQ-160 Brochure, 1957, 11x17 fold-open, 2-color. Nice. $8


Clegg 99er Single Sheet Brochure, 8.5x11. $4


Heathkit 1964 color catalog 81/40, dated 1963, with color TV kit flyer stapled to back cover. Slight water spotting on lower right front cover. Nice+. $12


Crown International Tape Deck Brochure, 1963, 11x17 fold-open, 2-color, covers 700-, 800-, 1000-, 1400-series. Nice. $10


General Radio Catalog R, May, 1963. Superb catalog. Has slight bend in spine from being improperly stored. Probably easily corrected. $19


G.E. Ham News, March/April, 1961. $1


RCA Ham Tips, Spring, 1962, June 1967. $1 each


Vintage Computer Documentation: Packard Bell PB440 Digital Computer programming manuals, dated 1962, 2-color covers: Extended FORTRAN, Octal-Decimal Integer Conversion Table, Digital Module application Manual. The 3 manuals total about 400 pages. 8.5x11 format. Pictures of the machine on the cover. $40/all


Vintage Computer Documentation: Raytheon 520 System. This is a 4-manual set with 2-color covers dated 1965. The manuals are: Raytheon 520 System, The Raytheon 520 Systems Interface Manual, Raytheon 520 Programming Library, and Simulating The IBM 1620 On The Raytheon 520. $40/all


TUBE: Raytheon QK422 Reflex Klystron Tube operating the frequency range 7125-8125mc, 85-100mw out, NOS blue octal metal tube with waveguide coming out the side. Nice addition to your tube collection. $5 each. 10 available.


1958 ARRL Handbook, spine worn, oil spot on cover, worn look to it, but in solid condition. $11


1960 ARRL Handbook, spine deteriorating and faded, worn look to it, but in solid condition. $11


Orr, William I., The 1970 Radio Handbook, 18th Edition, Editors & Eng., 1970. Hardback with faded spine, but otherwise excellent. The covers have been varnished, I believe, like a library copy. $14


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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