[AMRadio] Grundig Radio Console

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I believe that radio was for export to the North American market.  The ID 
label is entirely in English.  The domestic German consoles typically did 
not have labels in english, the FM broadcast band (if present) extended 
only to about 100mHz, designated as UKW.  MW and LW were also on the 
domestic models.  Export (North America) typically lack LW.

de Joe, N6DGY

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Subject: [AMRadio] Grundig Radio Console

> A friend of mine has acquired an old Grundig Console Radio and would like
> more info about it such as manufacture date, etc.
> Pictures at  
> http://wa5bxo.shacknet.nu/Kathi%20Raines%20Radio%20Pictures/
> Appreciate any help any one can give on this.
> Thanks, John, WA5BXO
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