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W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Wed Mar 1 08:04:46 EST 2006

Jim candela wrote:

>Hmmm, Well it seems like the ads claim is true, verified by Mahlon, K4OQ. In
>that case I reiterate, this is "one heck of a deal". Try pricing the 6L6GC
>from any source NOS or new, and compare. How many AM rigs use the 6L6 as
>Johnson Ranger (is this correct?)
>How many others? 
Yogie/KC5MIP had a Temco that used (4) 6L6's in the Modulator stage.  I want to say it had a pair of 807's in the final, but I don't remember, exactly.

Ronnie/K5WLT built a modulator for his Knight Kit T-50, just after he 
graduated up from being a Johnny Novice, to General.  That's an 
interesting modulator, in that it uses a pair of 6L6's and was built 
from a Popular Elextronics magazine article, from back in the 
mid-to-late 50's.  One of those 6L6's is apparently slightly 
microphonic.  He can take the plastic handle of a screwdriver, hit the 
metal 6L6 and the tube 'rings' like a bell.  Ronnie has had so much fun 
with that rig, running a single 807, modulated by a pair of 6L6's... and 
has worked all over the country with it.

I, myself, have plugged in 6L6's into the Ranger, and Rager II I had, 
back before I got the titanic.

I've got an old audio amp here, that I got from John/W5MEU that runs 
either a pair, or 4, in p-p paralell.

6L6's are populare everywhere.  And, while the engineers mght have 
decided to use either 1614's in the Rangers, or 7027's in the Ranger 
II's, I couldn't tell a nickles worth of difference in the rigs that I 
had, between those tubes, and the 6L6.

Just my .02c. 

Do I get change? ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

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