[AMRadio] 6BG6 ad

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Mar 1 10:34:13 EST 2006

Yes, the 6BG6 is an interesting tube, although not a greatly 
attractive sub for a 6L6. You can often buy 6L6 tubes for 
very little more than $6 each if you are frugal, and then you 
don't have to modify your equipment.

There are so many other alternatives. 5881, 7581, 8417 etc. 
etc. There are also plenty of manufacturers still making new 
6L6es. Slovakia, Russia and China have all been churning 
out masses of them.  The pricing is largely shaped by the 
perception of the market that there is something special 
about a 6L6.

As to the 6BG6, well...
You can buy them for $2 each here:

Here's a new one on in box, eBay for 
(Buy It Now) $3.00 = Item #5863073238

6BG6 asking prices seem to be all over the map 
going as high as  $11.95 each.

They are $4.50 each from here:

>From $2 to $6 here:

These are $6.85 -

Four USSR ones for $8 here:

The eBay asking prices seem to average around $6 for 
a new one  (e.g. 2215944857) so that $6.00 asking price 
seems reasonable after all.

I am just used to seeing them begging to be bought at hamfests 
and they generally get taken home or they wait in line BEHIND 
the 807s and 1625s which sell for around $1.00 each!

On the other hand this guy has NEW 6L6GC tubes for under $4.00 

No need to modify your equipment after all!

He has new 807s for $7
New 5881 tubes for $6
No price listed for his 6BG6 tubes but I bet they are low too!

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