[AMRadio] watt meter

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Mar 1 16:10:04 EST 2006

What is everyone doing for a watt meter?
My swan wm-3000 blew up last weekend, it reads no pep
and about 1/4 of the correct average power.
I could fix it if I could find out what diodes they used (3 gone),
and one of the little inducters broke, but it 
would not be calibrated.
It was a good meter, 4 scales going up to 2kw, real pep
reading, large meter, but its toast.

Looking around, not much out there that does high continuous power,
real pep readings, looks good, etc.
I went to ham radio outlet in Delaware today (working close by) and 
despite waiting for almost an hour, could not get much help.
They would not let me open a box of a daiwa meter, and I hate the cross
needle meters anyway, they had a diamond, not true pep, but I 
could not look at that, they wont unseal a box unless you buy it.
That and the poor service had me walk out of the store 
vowing never to buy anything from them, ever.

Some web searching turns up CB type meters, not good at lower
frequencies, or discontinued units.
Nye viking used to make a good one, but not anymore.

The 813 rig can do well over the 1500 watt pep level,
well over 2000 watts pep with the neg cycle loading 
deck hooked up, so I need something good for the power.
MFJ makes one, but the manual shows its only good for
500 watts 100% duty cycle, 600 or 700 watts of carrier means 
90 second transmissions (how cheap that mfj stuff is).

Not much on ebay but old heathket meters...


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