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Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Mar 1 16:36:38 EST 2006

Try W7RF, Radiodan, at the link below.  I personally like Bird meters 
and he has a good assortment of new and used meters.  Some are PEP ready 
or you can buy a kit (either original Bird or a knockoff) to convert a 
regular Model 43 to PEP.  They are designed for continuous duty and you 
can get any wattage slug you want from 5 watts up.... WAY UP!


Hope this helps.


Brett gazdzinski wrote:

>What is everyone doing for a watt meter?
>My swan wm-3000 blew up last weekend, it reads no pep
>and about 1/4 of the correct average power.
>I could fix it if I could find out what diodes they used (3 gone),
>and one of the little inducters broke, but it 
>would not be calibrated.
>It was a good meter, 4 scales going up to 2kw, real pep
>reading, large meter, but its toast.
>Looking around, not much out there that does high continuous power,
>real pep readings, looks good, etc.
>I went to ham radio outlet in Delaware today (working close by) and 
>despite waiting for almost an hour, could not get much help.
>They would not let me open a box of a daiwa meter, and I hate the cross
>needle meters anyway, they had a diamond, not true pep, but I 
>could not look at that, they wont unseal a box unless you buy it.
>That and the poor service had me walk out of the store 
>vowing never to buy anything from them, ever.
>Some web searching turns up CB type meters, not good at lower
>frequencies, or discontinued units.
>Nye viking used to make a good one, but not anymore.
>The 813 rig can do well over the 1500 watt pep level,
>well over 2000 watts pep with the neg cycle loading 
>deck hooked up, so I need something good for the power.
>MFJ makes one, but the manual shows its only good for
>500 watts 100% duty cycle, 600 or 700 watts of carrier means 
>90 second transmissions (how cheap that mfj stuff is).
>Not much on ebay but old heathket meters...
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