[AMRadio] watt meter

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Mar 1 19:36:31 EST 2006

If I could find out the diode type, I could replace them,
the inductor looks to be a match with another one 
It's a small potted thing, almost looks like a cross 
between a resistor and a small electrolytic cap.

I don't know how you would calibrate it for average and pep,
the average I could do off another working meter.

I use the watt meter partly as a performance monitor, its right
in front of the operating position, so if the swr goes wacko,
or the audio screws up, the meter will show it.

I have a regular scan of the plate current, grid current, 
watt meter, mod monitor when I first get on, then every once 
and a while do a re-scan.
There is a hole in my scan now!

> I have a Bird 4411 which uses one slug for 2-30 Mcy.  The 
> meter has a switch 
> that will change the power scale from 10 watts to 10K watts.
> It is not a true peak meter but there is a formula that 
> derives it in the 
> book.  The 4411 is a 4410 with provisions for AC input, the 
> 4410 is 9V 
> battery powered only, I think.  The drawback to these meters 
> is you usually 
> find the meter without the slug, and the meter is expensive.  
> I have seen 
> them at hamfests, but the slug is hard to find and very 
> expensive.  It is 
> accurate to 5% of full scale.
> As for the diodes most any matched diodes would probably 
> work.  Seems as if 
> the Drake MN 2000 had 1N295 or some such.  Someone with a 
> manual could 
> check.  Get a handful of the NTE replacements and match them, 
> they are 
> inexpensive.
> 73  Jim
> W5JO

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