[AMRadio] RE: 6BG6 ad

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Wed Mar 1 20:41:01 EST 2006


   Any chance you have a link to the data sheet of
that ECG 6bg6 circa 1982? If not can you scan it, and
send it to me? I am most interested in how they spec'd
that tube compared to the 6BG6's of old.


--- Mahlon Haunschild <mahlonhaunschild at cox.net>

> Keep in mind through all of this that a 6L6GB is a
> somewhat different 
> tube than a 6L6, a 6L6GC is a quite different tube
> compared to a 6L6, 
> and finally a 7027A is a VERY different tube
> compared to a 6L6 (though 
> all of them share much the same electrical
> characteristics).
> I'm still not sure what exactly a 1614 is, nor what
> its intended market 
> was, but I do know that any old 6L6GC will sub for
> them in Ranger 
> modulator service.  Anyone want to buy some NOS
> 1614s?
> regards,
> Mahlon - K4OQ
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