[AMRadio] FM transmitter

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 17:40:09 EST 2006

>>Hope they don't measure the FM broadcast transmitter I have,
>>so I can listen while doing stuff around the house and yard
>>with a walkman, its over a watt I think...

What kind of FM transmitter do you use?  I have been looking for something 
so I can use to feed streaming audio from my desktop computer to all the FM 
radios on my property, so I don't have to sit in front of the computer to 

I ordered one of the little FM stereo xmtrs from C Crane.  It had good 
synthesised frequency stability, but the audio was distorted and it had a 
range of about 35 feet.  I need good solid coverage within a radius of at 
least 100 feet.  I had intended to experiment with an external antenna with 
the thing, but it crapped out before I could do that.  They  refunded my 

I think Ramsey sells kits, but I have heard they are pieces of crap.



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