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Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Thu Mar 2 20:09:50 EST 2006

Moral of the story is this:
Keep your eyes peeled for the "Cat Detector Van."


(This actually refers to the British licensing of radio and TV 
receivers. Both require a license and they actually go around 
in vans to "ctach" and punish persons listening without a license!)

On 2 Mar 2006 at 19:54, Phil Galasso wrote:
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> > I made a 1/4 wave dipole out of a PL259 and coat hangers, and stuck it on
> > my vent pipe on the roof.
> > I never checked the range, its on 90.4 MHz.
> > A good antenna would likely get me in trouble.
> >
> > 4 watts and a good antenna would likely go many miles.
> That's an excellent way to lose your ham license while courting a $10,000
> fine from the FCC for unlicensed operation. Current Part 15 rules permit a
> MAXIMUM field strength of 250 microvolts per meter at 3 meters from the
> transmitting antenna. If you check the FCC Enforcement Log, available on the
> Enforcement Bureau page of the Commission's Web site, you will see numerous
> people who got busted for transmitting in the FM broadcast band without a
> proper radio station license. A few of these show up every week. If the
> bootlegger is a college kid or a preacher who puts an unlicensed station on
> the air as a hobby or to broadcast his church services, he may get away with
> a warning not to do it again. Since you are a ham, and, therefore, licensed
> by the FCC, you would lose your license and be hit with a heavy fine. Your
> radio equipment could also be confiscated. In Florida, you would also face
> state charges, as the Sunshine State passed a law a couple of years ago that
> makes unlicensed operation in the broadcast bands a felony.
> BTW, the FCC just levied a massive fine against Ramsey Electronics for
> marketing "export only" FM broadcast transmitters that did not have FCC type
> acceptance for regular broadcast use.
> The bottom line is, such equipment is illegal. And the FCC is vigorously
> enforcing the rules that apply to the AM and FM broadcast bands.
> If you want to hear your AM roundtable while you are called away to the
> telephone or using the bathroom, get a good speaker, attach it to your
> receiver, and turn up the volume.
> Phil K2PG
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