[AMRadio] wireless cross-technology

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 12:02:03 EST 2006

In the discussion about systems letting us go portable
around the yard and keep up with an AM QSO, does
anyone have experience with the wi-fi systems as to
whether they can be adapted?

Apparently there is an older 802 type of system being
superceded, and the older ones are really cheap. They
provide RF coverage, but I'm not sure what would be
needed at the other end to obtain the basic receive

Same with these "whole house" TV remote control units.
They are marketed to people with only one LNB for the
rooftop dish, who wish to control the dedicated box's
output split across televisions in several locations
in the house. Seems that stream, too, could be adapted
to carry a basic audio channel.

I'm using an old set of infrared headphones that the
earpieces wore out on. Took the receiver guts out of
the thing, put it all in a pager-sized plastic box
that holds a 9V battery and has a headphone jack on
it. The transmit end, normally driven by the
television's audio output, now is driven by a tap from
the mixing console (which, in turn, has receive audio
on it). 

Range is pretty good. I've put the transmitter in a
window so it can "see" most of the yard, and it's
maybe 100 feet around, more at night.


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