[AMRadio] wireless cross-technology

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Fri Mar 3 15:23:55 EST 2006

You are so correct Theo...I do not need this one. If you want it let me
know...I think that I paid $35 for it...Never opened the box on it.

Let me know of the group at rwpeters at swbell.net   

Bob W1PE

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Good thing you have an extra one, Bob. Seems everyone is out of stock on
900 mHz headset/mics. All they have now are Blue Tooth versions which
much shorter range ... :-(

If anyone knows of a source for one (Logitech 980118 Cordless Freedom
Headset or similar non-Blue Tooth model) I sure would like to know about

Theo K4MO

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In Ref to wireless Headsets...I have a logitech wireless headset with
boom mike on 900 MHz that works anywhere on my property.  Not a big
estate HI!!!
I can listen and transmit using VOX from anywhere. One line to the
headphone jack and one to the mike jack.  Works full duplex... About $35
anywhere on Internet. It is called the Logitech Cordless Freedom
Headset. It has 20 scanning channels, Base station with rechargeable
Batteries, Don't know the cost today as I purchased mine a good 5 years
ago and have an extra one still in the box. It says up to 1000 feet but
have gone further...

Bob W1PE

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