[AMRadio] FM transmitter

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 3 23:21:44 EST 2006

>Be very careful - keep your FM transmitters under the Part 15 limits or you
>might get busted!  Putting a big antenna on even a low power unit will 
>the allowed limits

I won't worry about it as long as the signal is not audible beyond the 
boundaries of my property.  I live on 100 acres, and it's not anyone's damn 
business what rf environment I generate within the confines.  In order to 
get coverage from the house to the ham shack, I need about 100 feet of solid 
range.  The nearest house nextdoor to me is about 1000 ft. away.

Even here, a relatively rural part of the country, the FM band is pretty 
well loaded.  There are only a handful of open channels in the entire band.  
I suspect if a weak signal did leak across my property line, it would be 
totally swamped out because of the capture effect of FM.

I'm not interested in transmitting on cell phone frequencies or SHF ham 
bands.  I just want to extend the range of streaming audio to all the 
existing FM radios in my house and hamshack.  This is not an amateur radio 
type of project.  I'd rather concentrate my experimenting and building to my 
actual ham station. I am just looking for a high quality, low power 
transmitter than can be made to work with a minimum of effort and hassle.

Don k4kyv


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