[AMRadio] FM transmitter

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 4 03:14:17 EST 2006

>They did monitor for the local oscillators. I saw them on more
>than one occasion patrolling with their highly directional antenna.
>It was a rotatable dipole with lots of loading inductance along the
>element. It was conical shaped tapering to a narrow outer end, and
>was about 4-6 feet in length. It looked quite impressinve painted
>in G.P.O. green livery the same color as the vehicle - a Morris MInor
>1000 van! Same kind of vehicle as a VW bug only British - smaller and
>lower to the ground.

I suppose a Scott SLRM would be difficult to detect.  Not quite a 
"communications" receiver, it is basically a high quality multiband 
broadcast radio with special shielding to keep the local oscillators from 
radiating.  They were used on the Liberty Ships in WW2 to provide 
entertainment for the crew, while protecting the ship from detection by the 
enemy homing in on the local oscillators.
My father-in-law rescued one from going to the dump and lugged it all the 
way from Arizona and dropped it off here.  An interesting piece of gear.

Don k4kyv


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