[AMRadio] 51J3 or 75A3?

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Mar 4 18:30:27 EST 2006

Hi Theo my 2 cents are either the A-2 or A-3. As far as I am concerned
the absolute best audio for AM is the NC183D. It uses a 6V6 audio output
and sounds great. I personally do not like mechanical filters for AM. I
have a TMC GPR 90 that also sounds great on am... Again my 2 cents worth
only. You will get probably 20 different ideas. The best way is to visit
as many AMers that you can and listen what is best for you...

Bob W1PE

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I am shopping for a receiver to use on AM. I think I want either a 75A3
or a
51J3. Which one is best for AM use as far as making pleasing sounds come
of the speaker? I used to have a 51J4 and a 75A4, and they worked fine
(especially the 'J4), but I have heard that the 'J3 may have the best
sounding audio section for AM. True?

Theo K4MO

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