[AMRadio] Re: 51J3 or 75A3 ?/neither

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sat Mar 4 18:37:57 EST 2006

A long time ago  (10 years? 15?) I had a 75S1, it did not
have any filters, just 2 back to back IF cans, and it was about 20Kc

I should have kept it, with the addition of a kiwa 6kc filter,
a low distortion AM detector, and outboard audio, or a nice 
solid state audio power output, it would have made a nice
ssb/cw/AM receiver.

Very nicely built, nice looking, small and light, stable and accurate,
tubes, good stuff!



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> I got to toss in my 2 cents at this point.
> I agree with everyone that likes the LC IF'd Collins better 
> than the MF 
> variety.  Years ago when the price on 75s3's bottomed out, I 
> bought one, converted 
> it to a C, and crystalled and filtered it up for short wave broadcast 
> listening.  After a lot of listening, it was pretty clear 
> that the IF cans that you 
> bypass when you put the 6 kc filter in sounded just a whole 
> lot better than the 
> filter, and I yanked the filter.  Brett is right, that's 
> still a very nice AM 
> receiver set up, and its one of the few that's not come and 
> gone here.  The 
> Kiwa filters might sharpen it up a bit over the stock 
> transformers and might be 
> the best solution of all.  I just find the crystal and 
> mechanical filtered 
> stuff too harsh.
> I had a J4 next to my J1, 2 and 3, and except for the 
> improved selectivity, 
> much preferred any of them over the J4.  And I expect the 
> others all sound 
> different or can sound different depending on how you tune 
> the IF transformers 
> (staggered or not), at least that was my experience with a 
> 75A2 and the J2.
> But its all good :)
> 73 Scott
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