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Sun Mar 5 01:01:56 EST 2006

> So sometimes others find our contacts interesting. 

True - when I was a teenager in Ohio I ran a lot of 6m AM.  I didn't know it 
but my 2E26-based 3 watt signal was getting into the local cable-TV system and 
being amplified and carried all around the neighborhood - or perhaps even all 
over that part of town.  I learned about it when an elderly neighbor stopped 
me walking home from school and said that she'd heard me on her TV and found 
my discussion of the new designs for "space shuttles" interesting.  She also 
said that she'd talked to other people she knew and they were hearing me too.  
They all knew who I was but none of them ever complained.

That also points out how old the space shuttle design has become... 

I did have another neighbor complain very harshly about my 6m AM operations 
one time...  He was hearing me on his stereo when he played records on the 
turntable.  I  tried to explain how it might be happening and how we could fix it 
- but he just said if it happened again he would "kill me".   Yeah right... 
real nice to threaten a 13 year old.

A few weeks later I was looking out my bedroom window and noticed this bozo 
working on a new stereo for his "rockin' van".  He was listening to an FM 
station on 100.7 MHz as he hooked up the speakers in the rear doors..   I got the 
bright idea to key up my six meter rig on 50.4 and the sure enough the second 
harmonic blanked out his reception beautifully.  Each time he went back to work 
on one of the speakers I keyed up and his outfit went silent.  Then when he 
jumped up and ran to the front to fiddle with the radio I unkeyed and his FM 
reception returned.  I made him dance back and forth for a considerable time...  
I still cherish the memory.

Steve WD8DAS

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