[AMRadio] 51J3 or 75A3?

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Mar 6 08:40:47 EST 2006

Rather then hacking holes in a collectable receiver, its better to
tack a wire onto the volume pot or detector and run it to
a good audio amp.  If you have a lot of vintage receivers,
one amp and one speaker makes sense, you also get a tape line out
for recording if you want.

If you decide to sell the gear, all you have to do is unsolder the wire.


> That makes sense.  I bought an HQ-170 at a hamfest, because 
> John/WA5BXO 
> has an HQ-145 that I just 'adore' the sound of.  Sure, it's a simple 
> output transformer on the back (I believe) from 600 ohm down 
> to 8-ohm, 
> but there's -plenty- of audio to drive that big 16" woofer he's got 
> under the console to make everyone sound as 'disgustingly natural' as 
> posible. The 170 (that I had) had a 'maximum' of 3kHz 
> bandwidth.    How 
> narrow and mechanical it sounded. (blech!)
> I hate the thought of doing any modifications to any of my 
> SX-73's, but 
> if I was to make one, it would be to change from single to push-pull 
> output 6V6's.
> Thanks for the post.  That helps me a lot.
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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