[AMRadio] 51J3 or 75A3?

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Mar 6 09:38:52 EST 2006

Yes, all the vintage receivers usually have good points, some 
only look good, but all are fun to play with.

With the Collins stuff, you are going to pay about $1000.00?
for a good 75A4 with 3 filters.
Maybe more...

That is a lot to spend on something that might sound very poor.

And since its so expensive, you might worry about playing with it.

Gone are the days you could 'experiment' with vintage stuff unless
you hit the lottery or something.

I like to 'experiment' with my equipment, so before I hacked the 
nice vintage stuff up, I sold it off and went home brew.
I can 'experiment' without ruining a classic piece of gear.


> > "feel" of the station in which I took my Novice test back in 
> > '64. It was a 75A4 and a Globe King 500B. 
> > Seems I have lots to learn yet before I decide what to do. 
> Just a thought.  Maybe you're worrying over it too much?  
> It isn't as though the receiver you purchase can't be 
> replaced if you decide
> you don't like it for some reason.  I don't think there's an 
> "ideal" or even
> "best" vintage AM receiver.  But there are a lot of good 
> ones, ranging from
> something as pedestrian (but still pretty darn good) as the 
> HQ-129, to the
> HRO-50T1, to Super Pros (e.g. SP-210), R-390 (no-A), to all 
> the other ones
> that have been discussed in this thread.
> Most designed-for-SSB radios do not make good AM radios, with 
> the possible
> exception of the NC-303.  Other than that, it's just more fun 
> to get your
> feet wet sooner than later :-)
> Grant/NQ5T  
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