[AMRadio] 51J3 or 75A3?

W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Mon Mar 6 10:59:22 EST 2006

Great point!

WIth minimal invasivness you can add an external amp that will make many
receivers sound much better. Maybe a more important consideration is what
you want to do with the receiver. A case in point: An R-390 is a *great*
receiver. But due to it's tuning/bandswitching design it's not a great "band
cruiser". Too much cranking that knob around. Some radios such as the early
HRO series I mentioned before sound wonderful but require a plug-in coil
rack to switch to a different band. I'd say that's not a good choice if you
intend on flipping around between 160, 80, and 20.

As people have said, there is not ideal receiver. Each one was designed for
a target user and use. If I were you, and wanted to buy a single receiver
for not so much money I'd look at the earlier Hammarlunds. Maybe a 129 as
Grant suggested. They are not that expensive at all even in very nice shape.
By all means if you have the opportunity go to some shacks and take some for
a test drive. Don't just listen, but tune around yourself. Adjust the
filters. Play with the controls. Get a "feel" for how it works.

As a frequent "over-thinker" who plans and researches too much I can tell
you to just jump-in and swim around.

Best wishes on your hunt!


Mark W1EOF


> > I don't think there's an "ideal" or even "best" vintage AM receiver.

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