[AMRadio] receiver tests for Theo

Theo Bellamy theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com
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Thanks! Very cool ... I will listen to them again tonight on the ham shack
computer where I can play them back through some good speakers without the
distractions that abound here in the office.

I hate it when trivial work concerns interfere with my important hobby

Theo K4MO

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In addition to looking up some AMers around your area,
I'd recommend asking for some sound files from people
who can record from the receiver candidates.

This past weekend Brett N2DTS and myself were in QSO
on 40m with a fellow running a very clean sounding
DX-100. We both rolled tape on a specific part of the
guy's transmission. Brett if you still have that sound
file, maybe render it down to an MP3 and I'll do the

We can then describe receivers.

Meantime, there are some other sound files kicking
around that are worth downloading. I've got a few that
I remember what receiver I used:

>From the diode of an SP600 at 13Kc selectivity:

>From the diode of an R390 at 16kc selectivity:

>From the "line output" of an R390A at 8Kc:

Steve, WB3HUZ has a pile o' files too:

Here is the sound of a 51S-1F up on 10 meters AM:

In addition, check this batch of wav and MP3:

These will give a continuum of sound quality for sure.


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