[AMRadio] wireless cross-technology

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Mar 7 10:02:03 EST 2006

I think with wifi stuff, you need a computer.

You wont get any better fidelity then an FM broadcast
band transmitter, at least, nothing that I can 
think of would be better and give a good range.

I would like to get a wireless microphone like they use
for on stage work, maybe with a boom mike, and have a way
to be out in the yard and key up the transmitter, not vox
would be best, full fidelity receive and transmit, so I can multi
task and wash the car and operate, mow the lawn, pull weeds, etc.


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> In the discussion about systems letting us go portable
> around the yard and keep up with an AM QSO, does
> anyone have experience with the wi-fi systems as to
> whether they can be adapted?
> Apparently there is an older 802 type of system being
> superceded, and the older ones are really cheap. They
> provide RF coverage, but I'm not sure what would be
> needed at the other end to obtain the basic receive
> audio.
> Same with these "whole house" TV remote control units.
> They are marketed to people with only one LNB for the
> rooftop dish, who wish to control the dedicated box's
> output split across televisions in several locations
> in the house. Seems that stream, too, could be adapted
> to carry a basic audio channel.
> I'm using an old set of infrared headphones that the
> earpieces wore out on. Took the receiver guts out of
> the thing, put it all in a pager-sized plastic box
> that holds a 9V battery and has a headphone jack on
> it. The transmit end, normally driven by the
> television's audio output, now is driven by a tap from
> the mixing console (which, in turn, has receive audio
> on it). 
> Range is pretty good. I've put the transmitter in a
> window so it can "see" most of the yard, and it's
> maybe 100 feet around, more at night.
> Paul/VJB
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