[AMRadio] FS: Hickok 533A, Classic Tube Books and Military Manuals

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Mar 14 10:49:10 EST 2006

For Sale

Hickok 533A tube tester. Very nice panel and case. All
original. Powers up, meter works. But I did not test
all sockets or open it up to test its tubes, etc. So
this is offered here as-is. $199

All books are plus $2 USPS Media Mailing

Tektronix 1970 catalog, fun to browse through. 448
pages. Very nice condition. $20

Getting The Most Out Of Vacuum Tubes, by Robert B
Tomer, Sams, 1960, 1st ed. 160 pages. This is the
short course (versus Eastman below, which is the long
course). This book is excellent. Clear and concise.
Very little math. A good read. Hardback with dust
jacket. $10

Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes , by Austin V. Eastman,
McGraw-Hill, 1941, 2nd ed. 570+ pages. Comprehensive
with good illustrations, gets into the math. Nice
hardback with name written inside the front cover. $12

Subminiature Electron Tube Life Factors, by M. W.
Edwards, D. E. Lammers and J. A. Zoellner, General
Electric Co., 1961. Large format hardback with dust
jacket. 175+ pages. Lots of charts and graphs. This is
as deep as it gets. $20

Short Waves, by Charles R. Leutz and Robert B. Gable,
C. R. Leutz Inc., 1930. 370+ pages. Great pictures and
some nice transmitter and receiver plans. $15

Coils, An Introduction, by Russell Summerville, K8BYN,
73 Magazine, 1962, 25 page booklet format with photos.

The Low And Medium Frequency Radio Scrap Book, by Ken
Cornell, AND the 1977/78 Addendum To The Low And
Medium Frequency Scrap Book, by Ken Cornell, W2IMB,
Ham Radio Magazine, 1977-78. This is a collection of
articles and writings about antennas, receivers,
loops, coils and coil winding for getting on the VLF
"lowfer" band. It's mostly tube gear with transistor
gear mostly in the supplements. There's coverage of
converting WWII surplus transmitter tuning units and
so forth. A total of about 180 8.5 by 11 pages,
hole-punched loose-leaf with heavy paper covers. $20

Military Manual ST 11-174 Reference Data For Field
Radio Communications Equipment, US Army, May 1, 1965.
Classic catalog of Army radio gear circa 1965 with
photographs and specifications. Covers the PRC-6,
PRC-25, and many radio systems with racks and racks of
R-390A receivers and TMC GPT-750 transmitters. A few
airborn sets are shown like ARC-54 -55, etc. This is a
real reference trasure. 136 pages, 8.5x11
hole-punched. $25

TM 11-2515 Diversity Receiving Combining Equipment,
September 27, 1944. If this piece of gear had any
nomenclature assigned, then the manual doesn't bother
to mention it. This was some large, rack-panel unit
with metering and a heterodyne oscillator designed to
combine up to 3 receivers (I think) in a diversity
configuration. $10

U.S. Army Signal Corps., Civilian Training Branch,
Unit Course: Mechanic Learner--Radio, 1942. This is a
365-page comb-bound manual that takes a trainee from
which end of the screwdriver to hold, to building a
3-tube regen and disassembling/reassembling a
commercial radio receiver. If you ever wondered where
Heathkit learned to write their manuals, look no
further--this must have been their inspiration. Very
good condition. $15

The Signal School, Fort Monmouth, Laboratory Notes for
Radio Repair Course, October, 1950. This is 125 plus
pages and in very nice condition. Each "Lab" tells the
student to go read a section of a certain military
manual. Then they are to complete the exercises and
answer the questions given. Some labs are specific to
certain radio gear like the BC-610, BC-191, and lots
of llabs are written around the BC-312/342 receivers.
Fold-out schematics of these radios are provided. Very
comprehensive. $15

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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