[AMRadio] Amplifier to use with my DX-60

John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
Thu Mar 16 10:58:24 EST 2006

	Alan, most all tube type linear amps are class B, or AB and can
be single ended or push-pull. In RF service the tank tuning takes care
of the output wave distortion making nice pretty sine waves.  Linear
amps are not class C because class C is really more like a switch than
an amplifier.  In most class C finals you can vary the input some and it
will not make any difference in the output.  For this reason they or
good for CW and plate modulated AM.  Class C finals have a
characteristic of the output following the plate supply voltage up and
down linearly. If the plate supply is dropped to half the RF output
voltage will drop to half, and so on.  For this reason the audio is
inserted in the plate power supply line, hence plate modulated.

As for power levels, an SB200 is only about 3DBs better than getting rid
of the control carrier modulator in the DX 60 (put it in the CW
position) and building an external plate modulator for it.  And it will
sound a lot better.  It is a really cheap project too.

John, WA5BXO

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I would like to use a cheap am with my DX-60.

An SB-200-230 seems to be a Class B amp. There for it only conducts on 
the positive going cycle. I don't mean to sound silly, but someone told 
me I could run this in SSB Mode using AM input from my DX-60, I run 100 
Watts carrier for 400 Watts peak, now that makes sense.

What does not make sense is how do I get the other side of the wave 
form???? The Tank??? I guess the tank.

I really need to go cheap on this project.

I know, you guys will probably say "go big or go home".

Best 73


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