[AMRadio] Amplifier to use with my DX-60

Mike Dorworth, K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Thu Mar 16 17:45:12 EST 2006

YUP. The two things are the tubes and the power supply.. One half
dissipation is MAX.. you are using 800 watt tubes so 400Watt carrier is max.
The Thunderbolt has a real power supply, so, sure 300 watts is fine.Since
SSB is 25 to 30 percent average of peaks the manufactures can squeeze in
small supplies for voice or CW service. Ever make you wonder that they might
allow 2500 watts input SSB but only 400 for RTTY. AM and RTTY separates the
Men from the boys.. Mike
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> How about a Johnson thunder bolt is 300 watt carrier ok ? I hope so
> cause that is what I have been doing
>  The transformer in there is twice as big as my swan mark 1.
>  thanks ..de/dale/ka5who

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