[AMRadio] Amplifier to use with my DX-60

Rev. Don Sanders innatehealing at bigplanet.com
Fri Mar 17 12:21:42 EST 2006

Get a large old TV power transformer. Use the high voltage to feed the 6146
and the 115 volt winding or filament windings to match to the amplifier
You can use a 4500 ohm resistor of 20 watts across the highvoltage winding
and look at it with a scope. Select the winding on the TV xfmr and the amp
output tap that gives the best waveform with a 2 tone or 1000kc signal thru
the amp.
Other wise find an old tube amp with 30 watts or better output and remove
the output transformer.
Hook it reversed from the amp output to the 6146.
I've used both systems will good results.

Healthfully yours,
                          DON W4BWS
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> Ok, tell me this:
> I have a DX-60A and a 25 watt P-P 6L6 Webster Electric PA amp with a
> large selection of output impedances.  What would I have to do to plate
> modulate my DX-60?
> There are obviously greatly varying levels of knowledge out there, and
> mine is probably below median.
> Harry, KT4AE
> Maryville, Tennessee
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