[AMRadio] AM Linear Operation

kenw2dtc kenw2dtc at comcast.net
Fri Mar 17 23:40:23 EST 2006


I have two Ameritron AL-1200's and one AL-1500.  I like the AL-1200's better 
as they provide a good match for the 22-25 watt level driver.  With 22 watts 
of carrier, the AL-1200 will put out 375 watts of carrier with 1500 watts 
PEP with a real nice scope pattern.

The Al-1500 needs only about 10 watts of carrier to do the same job, but if 
during the course of a long transmission, should you overmodulate on some 
rare voice peak, the 1500 will kick off its overload circuit.  Some may say 
this is a good thing.  Since my amps are in the garage attached to the 
shack, I don't find it convienent to run out and reset the beast.

The DX-60 will have too much drive for these amplifiers.  I remember putting 
a dummy load on a T connector with one of my driver transmitters, but I 
don't remember how much lower the power was with this setup.

Hope to hear you on AM in the future Mike.


> Because I enjoy operating, and would like to do so with enough signal to 
> be
> heard reasonably well on 80 and 40 meters, I too have been considering 
> which
> linear to run on AM.

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