[AMRadio] Use of an oscilloscope to monitor am audio

Craig C. Heaton wd8kdg at worldnet.att.net
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Good Morning Jim,

Yup, some addional hardware is needed for both a waveform and trapezoidal
pattern. Best to get an older ARRL(uuuug) Handbook from the late 1950's
early 1960's. The circuits and hardware are descriped there.

I can send info, .pdf file, jpegs,  and parts list of a little box I built
for my cheap $5 hamfest Eico 460.


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I have a Tektronix model 453a scope and I would like to know how it can be
used to monitor transmitted signals.  Do I need extra hardware or an
interface of some type to obtain the trapezoid pattern?  I know some scopes
designed for amateur radio have this feature built in so I wonder if my
scope can be used for this?

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