[AMRadio] Use of an oscilloscope to monitor am audio

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sat Mar 18 14:45:50 EST 2006

doxemf at aol.com wrote:

>Geoff et all,
>That was exactly what I had set up for my former QTH.
> With a dipole running above and parallel to the roof peak and a long wire alongside the house and parallel to the dipole.
>  Was a great asset for Antenna tuning and monitoring envelope. Of course weather conditions had an effect that made some adjustment necessary but it showed actual radiated signal as good as any remote receiver. Not a replacement for the proper monitor scope but a good compliment and with a diode det fed to a headphone amp could be used as an actual monitor as well.

You know... there are devices that produce a tone that rises or lowers 
in pitch, depending on how much power they're exposed to.

Useful aids for tuning amps for max, after SWR has been tuned for a 
minimum, for someone who can't see the meters.

for those of us who are non-visualy-handicapped, the external antenna, 
scope and a crystal detector would be a much -greater- aid to 
maintaining a clean AM signal, than relying solely on a pep reading 
watt-meter (which is limited by the how fast the movement of the meter 
is, in the first place)

73 = Best Regards,

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