[AMRadio] Voltage regulator

Barrie Smith barrie at centric.net
Sat Mar 18 19:46:58 EST 2006

This last week I built a 12 volt and 24 volt power supply in one small box 
to power various relays around the shack.

Well, the 12 volt turned out to be 16 volts, and the 24 volt is 36 volts. 
Even loaded the voltage is high.

I've done quite a bit of Googling on the subject of three-terminal voltage 
regulators, but have found nothing that had actual component values that 
would be pertinent to my needs.

Also saw a three-terminal using a pass-transistor. Again, no actual 
component values.

I'd like to be able to get the voltages down to more nearly what I need so 
that I don't burn out a relay.  Perhaps 14 volts and 26 to 28 volts, at an 
amp or so.

My knowledge of solid-state devices is close to zero.

Anyone have some ideas?

73, Barrie, W7ALW 

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